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Whole-House Water Filtration Systems in Chandler, Gilbert, & Phoenix’s East Valley

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A whole-home water filtration system is like having a BRITA on every faucet and showerhead in the house. Interested in learning more? Just book a consultation with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing! Our consultations are always free, and we’re always right on time. 

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Considering a new water filtration system? Ben’s got your back!

Phoenix water regulations go a long way to maintain a healthy supply of drinking water. Still, the water entering your home isn’t perfect. Water in Arizona often tastes earthy or metallic. And have you ever tried to scrub off calcium buildup from your faucets or shower? Better grab an extra bottle of elbow grease. You’ll need it!

Here’s the good news: a whole-home filtration system eliminates minerals and sediment from ground water BEFORE they enter your home. So every faucet, every showerhead, every pipe in your home gives you the same great tasting, fresh, and clean water for use in your daily life. If that sounds great to you, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call! We’ll introduce you to our favorite brands and models, then give you a free estimate for the work.


What factors affect the cost of a whole‑house filtration system in Chandler, AZ?

  • Water filtration vs. water treatment: “Filtration” and “treatment” are sometimes used interchangeably. In truth, systems that filter your water do so by filtering out certain minerals and heavy metals, and systems that treat water may incorporate UV lights to destroy ozone and bacteria. Some systems have both! During your consultation, we will assess your distinct requirements and assist you in selecting the ideal system to fulfill them.
  • Maintaining your system: Water treatment and water filtration systems must be maintained, or they’ll simply stop working. For some systems, that maintenance could be as little as once a year. Other systems suggest every 3 months. Here’s the important part: replacement filters and such cost money, and some water systems are more expensive to maintain every year than others.
  • System Size: The cost of a water treatment system is influenced by its size. A Benjamin Franklin Plumber will help determine the appropriate dimensions for your water treatment system according to your family's water consumption needs.

Get a fixed-price quote by a licensed Benjamin Franklin plumber

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, system and infrastructure replacement estimates are always free. So you can plan your budget or get a second opinion on a whole-house filtration system without having to pull out your wallet. Request a free estimate today and we’ll send someone out at your earliest convenience!

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Our whole-house water filter installation process in three simple steps

  • Step 1: Request a free estimate

    Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will send a licensed expert to share the benefits of whole-house water treatment systems and introduce you to models that suit your budget. You won’t pay a penny for this visit, and at the very least, you’ll learn a lot!

  • Step 2: Scope the project and receive honest pricing

    We’ll learn more about what you need. For example, you may want a solution to your endless battle with calcium and other minerals making a mess of your faucets and showers. Other homeowners want better tasting water. And plenty of homeowners want all of the above! Once we’ve found a system that meets your needs, we’ll provide an estimate for the work, right on the spot.

  • Step 3: Enjoy a great installation experience from start to finish

    After you’ve decided on a system, we'll set a date and time to install it. Sometimes, this is as soon as the day of your estimate. While on the job, our plumbing professionals work tirelessly to ensure a perfect installation. And when we're finished, your home will be cleaner than how we found it.


Proactive, and their techs are so respectful.

Love Ben Franklin, they are proactive, and their techs were so respectful. I have peace of mind knowing that when I call them I am going to get top-notch service.

—Amber R. | Gilbert, AZ

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