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About Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Looking for a residential plumbing contractor that respects your time?

You’ve found us.

Homeowners around the East Valley know Benjamin Franklin Plumbing as "The Punctual Plumbers." What you may not know is why we take punctuality so seriously.

To us, being punctual is a way of showing respect to our customers. The homeowners who call us with a plumbing problem are inconvenienced already. They certainly don’t need a plumber to inconvenience them any more than they already are!

When we say we’ll be at your home between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., we mean it. It’s the least we can do to show you we care. And in the rare instance that we aren’t on time, we’ll pay you for your trouble, up to $300 in fact.

Passing the wrench from one franchise owner to the next

Passing the wrench

Linda and Chris Stanfield converted their plumbing company to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing after seeing the benefits that the franchise brought to homeowners. After almost two decades of serving the East Valley as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, it was time to pass the wrench. Eli and Abby Power have owned their franchise in Colorado for 27 years, and are now partnering with Gilbert resident and businessman, Chris Russell, to continue BFP’s excellent service record and commitment to East Valley homeowners.

We are a local business here to support our friends and neighbors

Have you heard of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing? With over 100 locations across 25 states, there are plenty of homeowners who have!

But don’t let our nationwide presence fool you. Every Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise is run locally, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of the East Valley is no different.

When you call us, you’ll receive accountable and honest service–just like you would from any other small local business. The only difference is we have more resources than your average local plumber. The outcome is better service, more highly-trained experts, and the latest plumbing equipment. We’re even better able to assist you after the job with longer labor warranties and stronger post-customer support.

The bottom line: we’re part of something bigger, but we’re also accountable to you, our customers, just like any other local plumbing contractor.

Supporting local causes near to our hearts since 2001

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of the East Valley is proud to support local not-for-profits and other charitable organizations with our time and our money. Some of the wonderful organizations we’ve donated to over the years include:

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