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Tankless Water Heater Replacement in Chandler, Gilbert, & Phoenix’s East Valley

For Instant Hot Water and More of It, Call the Punctual Plumbers!

Did someone say instant hot water? You betcha we did. Tankless systems are hugely popular these days for their cost-savings and convenience. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has helped thousands of homeowners install these systems, and we can help you, too! Call and book your free estimate today, and don’t forget to ask about our great financing options! 

If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!*

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Need a tankless water heater installed? Ben’s got your back!

Ask any homeowner with a tankless water heater installed–they swear by them! Some people love their compact size compared to traditional tank water heaters. Others simply enjoy the convenience of on-demand hot water. And when it comes to efficiency and lower energy bills, you can’t beat ‘em.

If you're considering a tankless water heater, give your friends at Benjamin Franklin a call. We offer free estimates, for one. And you’ll get only honest advice from us, every time. We even keep the most popular systems in our service vehicles. So if you pick one of those systems during your estimate, we’ll install it that same day.


What factors affect the cost of a tankless water heater replacement in Chandler, AZ?

  • Whole-home vs point-of-use: Your plumber should ask you about whether you need a tankless system that heats every appliance and fixture in your home, or just a few of them. Whole-home tankless systems cover, quite literally, EVERY appliance and fixture in the home. Point-of-use may only cover a single room, such as a bathroom or laundry room. For this reason, they’re a bit more affordable to buy.
  • Flow rate: If you’ve ever witnessed a battle royale in your home that began with something like, “so-and-so took all the hot water!” then chances are you’ll want a tankless system with a high flow rate. Tankless systems with higher flow rates cost a bit more, but they give you more hot water on demand, so your whole family can enjoy all the hot water they want at any time.
  • Plumbing contractor: It will come at no surprise, but different plumbers charge different rates, for equipment and for labor. Some are more expensive than others because they train their plumbers better, they offer better warranties, they install better equipment, or they employ more support staff. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing does all of the above while keeping our rates as low as possible. That way, more homeowners in the East Valley get better service. And we like the sound of that.

Get a free estimate by a licensed Benjamin Franklin plumber

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, system estimates are always free. So you can get pricing on the latest tankless water heaters or a second opinion without having to pull out your wallet. Request a free estimate today and we’ll send someone out at your earliest convenience!

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Our tankless water heater installation process in three simple steps

  • Step 1: Request a free estimate

    Booking a free estimate with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is fast and easy. Just give us a call at (480) 480-8828 or request a free estimate online. A friendly plumber will be right on time with helpful advice to help you choose the perfect system.

  • Step 2: Scope the project and receive honest pricing

    We’ll ask you a few questions to narrow down the range of tankless options. This may include whether you’re satisfied with how much hot water you receive from your current water heater, or how efficient you’d like the system to be. Your plumber will always be honest with you, and never try to sell you a system you’re uncomfortable buying.

  • Step 3: Enjoy a great installation experience from start to finish

    The professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing have installed thousands of tankless water heaters. We’ll make sure your installation runs smoothly from start to finish. Afterward, we’ll test the system to make sure it’s working properly and give you a call back a few days later to make sure you’re happy with the work we performed.


Quality job and high integrity.

These guys were gentlemen. My wife won't work with anyone else. Quality job and high integrity.

—Peter C. | Gilbert, AZ

We're one of the East Valley's highest-rated plumbing contractors!

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